With their 8 new pages, the CRIMINAL INTENT expansion rules add new tables, change some rules and introduce players to some despicable people. Detectives and investigators in general are right minded people, devoted to their cause. But what happens when you face those despicable people who try get an advantage from your hard work?

With their 10 new pages, the DAMN FINE COFFEE expansion rules have players dealing with strange and quite esoteric cases and it's specifically designed for people who wants to play outside. Try to play this game in the woods on in a park, or in your garden maybe at sunset and experience all the thrills.

With their 9 new pages, the SERIAL KILLERS expansion rules add some thrills, change some tables and introduce players to the most infamous threat of all: serial killers! Detectives might be finding themselves facing this dangerous menace and when this will happen, they will have to act quickly to solve the case or the serial killer will simply vanish without leaving any trace.

With their 11 new pages, the THE OFFICE expansion rules add some different rules, which allow players to manage their microCrime HQ. Add some rooms to your HQ or improve some aspects of it in order to get the best experience and conduct the best investigation ever.

The CONFIDENTIAL expansion adds new, simple rules that will have players interact between them in a different way, regarding the case and their attitude during the investigation. These new rules will allow players to enjoy the game as corrupt detectives. And see if they can be "the guy who gets away with it".

The LAW & ORDER expansion adds new rules that introduce players to another well known scenario related to a crime. The one that starts in the aftermath of the investigation and puts people on trial. These new rules have players play the role of attorneys and face difficulties due to a range of personalities that add to the intensity and conflict.

The C.S.I. expansion the C.S.I. expansion rules expand some aspects of the standard game, by adding perks for players and introducing some other challenges to be faced before starting the investigation. To simply put… players are now able to look for evidences in their very own way, like a real crime scene investigation team!